Gaining life back... one pound at a time

So let me guess... you decided you need to lose a lot of weight, but you don't even know where to start?  You hear all sorts of people telling you how to do things or you have tried to lose the weight on your own, but eventually you fall back into old habits and again can't seem to get over the hump.  You want to work out, but going to the gym is intimidating and uncomfortable.  You want to eat healthier, but "life" just gets in the way with either kids, work, parties, weekends, vacations and everything else in between. 

You're at the right place. My name is Matthew Reibenstein and I am here to be your 100plus Coach! I have the strong desire to help people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, but more importantly I want to help YOU along the way. I have made it a point to work specifically with those that need to lose a lot of weight. For those wanting to lose on 20 or 30 pounds my advice is just to eat clean and excercise. So why 100plus? I started my weight loss journey 4 years ago at 337 pounds. To date I have lost 130+ pounds and am able to keep it off and still enjoy meals out with family on the weekends and business lunches. I feel like I have found "the secret" to a healthier life and want to pass my knowledge and experience on to you and help you in any way possible.

It all started when I was watching an episode of "The Biggest Loser" in late 2011.  I think the trainers are great, and I am sure the contestants get a chef and everything else during their stay at the ranch.  But why do most contestants go home and gain most of the weight back?  My answer:  Two Reasons.  Number one, they were not really taught HOW to live healthy when not under the supervision of a trainer or chef.  It was all done for them and they never learned accountability and self reliance.  Number two, those trainers have never been obese and do not understand, or address, the psychological issues of why you got there in the first place.  They don't even know what it is like to walk into a gym and be the biggest person.  That is where I am different.  I understand the issues.  I know the pain, guilt, embarrassment and fear that is associated with being severly overweight and walking into a room full of fit and skinny people.  I also know how to celebrate the small victories, and hope to celebrate with you when we meet that first goal. 

I am passionate about helping others live a healthier lifestyle.  Basically, this website was created because I have been asked by so many people to share my testimony and any tips or advice to help others lose weight.  I felt that God had been pulling me to do something like this and I wanted to folllow Him, even though I fought it for months.  It was through Him that I have been able to achieve my goals and now look forward to helping you achieve yours!

Meet the 100plus Coach:


 2008 at 337 lbs. and 36% BF                 2012 at 205 lbs. and 9.4% BF